The World's Only Gay Triplets


Meet the Visconti triplets, from the oldest to youngest, the 19 year old triplets are Joey, Jason and Jimmy. These Budapest-born triplets are identical, standing at a 6'1" tall, all buffed up with 8" cocks. Their personalities, however, are anything but the same. Though Joey's the oldest, he's very shy and into Pilates and dance. He's also the most quiet, and the most sexually inexperienced of the group.

Jason's the middle child of the triplets. He is also the loudest and the butchest of the bunch. His new hobby is working out with weights, but he can always be found on his motorcycle. This man's man is apprenticing as a diesel mechanic. Finally, the youngest, Jimmy, is into extreme sports. If he's not on a half-pipe with a skateboard, he's carving fresh powder with a snowboard!

Enjoy them now as they flex their sweaty muscles, strut their big cocks and dispense huge loads of cum!